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What Are The Best Outdoor Blinds For Me?

Adding outdoor blinds to your backyard can provide a number of benefits; maximising your outdoor space, adding weather protection or increasing the privacy of your alfresco area are just a few reasons why outdoor blinds are a popular backyard solution.

However, there are a wide range of outdoor blinds to choose from, so it can be a challenge trying to narrow down the type that will best suit you and your home. To help you decide what would work best for you, think about how you want to utilise your backyard and how outdoor blinds can help achieve your backyard goals.

Read on to discover which type of outdoor blind would be the best choice for you.

PVC Blinds

If you want to enjoy your backyard views while still being protected from the elements, clear or tinted PVC blinds are a great option.

The Bella Crystal and Bella Bronze range of blinds boast clear or tinted, water-resistant PVC fabric. This ensures you and your family will be protected from windy and rainy days while still being able to look out and enjoy the views of your backyard.

PVC Blinds
PVC Blinds

The Bella Crystal and Bella Bronze range of outdoor blinds are welded together, to ensure they remain durable and strong for years to come; this also means no unsightly stitching, giving your outdoor blinds a seamless finish. Blend your outdoor blinds with your pergola or alfresco area by matching the edging colour to your home, creating an invisible shield between your outdoor space and the elements.

The entire range of PVC blinds are rod operated, so there are no messy pullies, zips, or ropes to pose a safety hazard or get in the way of your uninterrupted backyard views.

PVC Blinds

Shade Blinds

Shade blinds are the perfect solution if you want to add protection from the sun’s harsh rays to your backyard, as well as an added level of privacy. Shade blinds come in varying degrees of opacity, so you can choose the level of coverage you want depending on how much sun exposure your backyard gets.

The Bella Vista range of outdoor blinds feature a semi-opaque fabric, allowing you to soak in the views of your backyard while still enjoying privacy.

Bella Vista Outdoor Blinds
Bella Vista Outdoor Blinds

The Bella Opaque range of blinds feature a 2×2 weave resulting in a thicker, more opaque blind fabric, ensuring that no curious neighbours will be able to see into your outdoor space.

Bella Opaque Outdoor Blinds
Bella Opaque Outdoor Blinds

Shade blinds are great for families with young children; parents can enjoy peace of mind that the kids are protected from harsh summer sun as they play outside thanks to the level of UV protection offered by the outdoor blinds.

Both the Bella Vista and Bella Opaque range of shade blinds come in a variety of colours; choose from light, coastal colours such as Ceramic and Wafer or bold, dark colours such as Slate Grey and Midnight. Select a palette to complement your pre-existing colour scheme and blend your outdoor area seamlessly with your home. Alternatively, make a statement and choose a bold colour palette to ensure your outdoor blinds stand out.

Bella Vista colour range: Classic Cream, Coffee, Dove Grey, Ebony, Oak
Bella Opaque colour range: Ash Grey, Latte, Midnight, Wafer, Wicker

SmartTrack Blinds

SmartTrack Blinds are the tech solution for your outdoor area, helping to create more useable space with the push of a button. If you struggle to find space in your home to host larger groups, SmartTrack blinds allow you to turn your alfresco area into an outdoor room to utilise for every occasion.

SmartTrack Blinds
SmartTrack Blinds

When lowered completely, SmartTrack blinds create a seal, allowing you to use your outdoor space on warm summer days as well as during the cold wintry months. They also help protect you and your family from pesky insects, thanks to the track solution which sits flush against the walls or posts of your alfresco area.

SmartTrack Blinds

Best of all, they can be operated by remote or app, and are compatible with smart home devices so you can adjust your blinds no matter where you are. Whether you’re at the office or a school sporting event, you can adjust your blinds so you have the perfect setting ready for your return home.

SmartTrack Blinds

If you know which type of Outdoor Blinds would best suit your space, get in touch by filling out the free measure and quote form at the top of this article.

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