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5 Benefits of Outdoor Blinds

5 Benefits of Outdoor Blinds

Whether you are looking for added privacy in your backyard space, want to weather-protect your alfresco area or are just looking to increase the usable space in your home, Outdoor Blinds provide a stylish solution.

Create the ultimate entertaining area or a cosy retreat in your very own backyard with the help of Outdoor Blinds; versatile in both use and design, there is an Outdoor Blind to suit every backyard.

Read on to discover the benefits of adding Outdoor Blinds to your backyard.

1. Maximise your living space

Do you enjoy hosting yet struggle to accommodate large groups in your home? This is becoming a common issue as homes these days sit on smaller block sizes and feature smaller backyards. Accommodating large groups can be a challenge if you have a small backyard or can only rely on your dining room to fit your family and friends.

Create more space in your backyard with the addition of outdoor blinds to your alfresco or pergola area, giving you an outdoor room to utilise. Outdoor blinds will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space all year round for dinner parties, children’s birthdays, and everything in between.

Consider SmartTrack blinds, which create a seal, helping to turn your alfresco space into an outdoor room and ensuring you and your guests will be protected from insects. Best of all, they can be operated by remote or app, so you can adjust the blinds from the comfort of your seat.

2. Weather protection

The addition of outdoor blinds to your backyard allows you to utilise your alfresco space during any season, providing protection from inclement weather and pesky insects. Create a shield from windy conditions that threaten to up-end your perfect table setting or block out glaring sun, so you can enjoy a relaxed afternoon in your backyard.

Bella Crystal outdoor blinds

The Bella Crystal range of blinds boast clear, water-proof PVC fabric ensuring you and your family will be protected from windy and rainy days while still being able to look out and enjoy the views of your backyard.

water-proof PVC outdoor blinds

Shade blinds are perfect for those hot Australian summers, providing much needed UV protection during the harsh hot weather conditions. Enjoy peace of mind letting the kids play outside knowing they’re being protected from severe summer rays by your outdoor shade blinds.

3. Added privacy

When hosting an event, you want to ensure the guest list only consists of those invited. Outdoor blinds allow you to enjoy privacy in your backyard while you work, entertain or just relax at home.

Consider the addition of Bella Vista or Bella Opaque blinds, featuring a semi-opaque fabric that allow you to soak in the views of your backyard, without allowing others to see in.

4. Family friendly

When you require visibility but want all the benefits of added protected from the elements, Outdoor Blinds provide a great solution. Both the Bella Crystal and Bella Vista range of blinds allow full visibility of your backyard while lowered, giving you peace of mind that while you’re hosting, you can keep an eye on the kids while they play in the backyard.

The entire range of Australian Outdoor Living Outdoor Blinds are designed with safety in mind, featuring no unsightly and unsafe zips, pulleys, ropes. Opt for rod operated Outdoor Blinds for a seamless finish or do away with manual operation all together and enjoy the sleek finish of motorised SmartTrack Blinds.

5. Designed for you

Make a statement in your backyard with a bold, contrasting colour so that your Outdoor Blinds become a focal point of your outdoor space all on their own.

Alternatively, blend your Outdoor Blinds seamlessly into the pre-existing colour palette of your home. Whether you have a country cottage or a modern town house, there is an Outdoor Blind design to suit you and your home thanks to the extensive colour range and fabric options to choose from.

If you’re ready to transform your outdoor space with the addition of Outdoor Blinds, fill out the free measure and quote form at the top of this article.

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