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How to Turn Your Backyard into a Mediterranean Style Retreat

We’ve seen trends come and go, but there’s something so captivating about Mediterranean style backyards that we can’t get enough of. Mediterranean style homes originated in the 1920s – an era that brought good fortune, freedom, and leisure. With its influential blend of Spanish and Italian architecture, the style is prevalent in warmer regions but can be achieved anywhere.

General aesthetics

Mediterranean style backyards are renowned for their simple, elegant and romantic aesthetics. Drawing inspiration from Italian Renaissance, Spanish Revival and Modern Mediterranean, the timeless style is a great way to inject personality and character to any home. From colourful mosaic tiles and drought-tolerant plants to terracotta accents, this style is a popular choice if you want to create a laid-back, intimate and easy-to-maintain outdoor retreat.

Discover how to turn your backyard into a Mediterranean getaway.

Material selection

To emulate the feeling of a Mediterranean style backyard, it’s important to select the right materials. Traditionally, stone features were used with touches of metal accents. Try to incorporate industrial features and blend them seamlessly with more earthy materials such as timber.

Mediterranean style timber

There are many ways to incorporate these natural materials to your outdoor space. Design an enchanting pathway made from stone or concrete pavers that leads from your patio into your lush garden. Use gravel to create different areas of activity or ‘zones’ in your backyard. Inherit the Mediterranean lifestyle of causal dining and socialising with a dreamy outdoor living area. Composite decking in the shade ‘Antique’ is a suitable option to achieve a natural and softer look.

Colour choices

Mediterranean living is all about simplicity. Choose a main, base colour of white to keep your backyard looking fresh, light, and inviting. Adding colours such as blues, greens, and terracotta will imitate a European holiday and help bring the Mediterranean look to life. These colours also reflect those of the region and will bring a sense of enjoyment and relaxation to your outdoor space. Metallic tones such as copper and gold are great additions too, to add a sense of luxury.

Key pieces

So, what purchases or investment pieces will help you achieve this look?

Shaded structure

An overhead structure like a pergola is a great addition to create a cozy, shaded area. Paired with a paved patio or timber deck, creates the perfect setting for entertaining family and friends well into the evening. Opt for a standalone pergola or gazebo to create your own private escape that’s surrounded by lush foliage for a feeling of intimacy and peacefulness. For a more open-air feeling, choose an open pergola or open slat and cover with beautiful climbers and vines. This is a key staple of Mediterranean design and a great way to enjoy the natural breeze.

Mediterranean style pergola

Mosaic tiles

Incorporate a touch of Mediterranean beauty and charm to your backyard with mosaic art. The multicoloured pieces in the intricate patterns will contrast nicely against the natural, earthy tones. The best part is there are no limitations when it comes to mosaic art and little skill and budget is required. For instance, create your own formations by decorating pot plants or patio furniture with mosaic tiles, or transform dull steps with a mosaic border. A simple design is enough to capture the Mediterranean culture and its elegance. If you’re feeling extra creative, go all out with a mosaic pathway or wall feature.

Mediterranean style mosaic art

Water feature

Water features are also a famous element of a Mediterranean inspired backyard. The sound of the trickling water and the cooling air will instantly make you feel calm and relaxed. With added sensory appeal, a water feature is also a great way to block out background noise, particularly if you live on a busy road. If you have plenty of space to work with, a tiered terracotta water feature is a good option for a statement piece, designed to take up more vertical space. If you have a smaller area, opt for a rectangular design to fit seamlessly within a feature wall. This will also create an impressive centre piece for your seating area.

Mediterranean style water feature

Plants and trees

A Mediterranean style garden will take you straight to the coastal regions from the moment you step out your back door. Clipped hedges, raised flower beds and scented, drought-tolerant plants such as the bougainvillea are popular choices to achieve the style.

Mediterranean style garden

Lemon trees and other citrus trees are also a hallmark in a Mediterranean style garden. If you have limited backyard space, consider planting in terracotta pots or containers, which also creates a focal point in your outdoor space and adds a pop of colour.

Mediterranean style plants and trees

Swimming pool

Create the ultimate backyard getaway with the addition of a Mediterranean style pool where you can relax and enjoy the fresh air with family and friends. As you can imagine, a Mediterranean inspired pool is breathtaking, and will leave you reminiscing about your European vacation. Best of all, this pool style works well for big or small backyards as you can opt for any shape or size.

Mediterranean style swimming pool

Use textures such as timber, terracotta, or stone decking, finished with mosaic tiles. To give your pool that incredible coastline-blue colour, opt for a softer tone in shade Sky Blue Simmer to match the lighter hardscape materials. Or achieve a contrasting effect with shade Royal Ocean Shimmer. For a more extravagant style, include optional details such as fountains, water features or arches. Lastly, make sure you add a shaded area such as a pergola or trellis to not only create a statement, but to also keep you protected from the hot sun.

Finishing touches

To complete the Mediterranean style look, there are some finishing touches that can be added to your outdoor space. Soft lighting such as lanterns, spotlights on trees and downcast wall lights can be subtly placed around your backyard to elevate the night ambience. Wicker, rattan or hanging egg chairs are also great additions, adding to the sense of luxury and comfort to your patio or garden so you can sit back and relax with a glass of wine during a lazy afternoon. Lush green plants in terracotta pots or containers combined with bright flowers such as lavender bushes and, of course, Mediterranean redbuds.

Mediterranean style outdoor furniture

If you’re feeling inspired to replicate a Mediterranean style retreat in your own backyard, we can help you with our range of custom designed products. Fill out the free measure and quote form at the top of this article to get started.

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