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Synthetic Grass: A Guide to Types, Installation, and Care

Synthetic Grass: A Guide to Types, Installation, and Care


Synthetic grass, also known as artificial turf, consists of synthetic fibres designed to mimic natural grass. It has evolved significantly over time, with modern advancements in technology making it more realistic and functional than ever before. Ideal for residential lawns, sports fields, and public spaces, synthetic grass provides an attractive, durable, and low-maintenance alternative to natural grass.

Synthetic grass from AOL

Types of Synthetic Grass

Understanding the different types of synthetic grass is crucial for selecting the right option for your needs. At Australian Outdoor Living, we offer a diverse selection of synthetic grass types, each designed for different applications and preferences. Each type balances aesthetics and functionality, providing lush, green grass all year without the need for mowing, watering, or fertilizing.

Fairway Range

Engineered for endurance, the Fairway range boasts a realistic appearance, with a short pile height ideally suited for high-traffic areas like playgrounds.

Fairway Lawn

Augusta Range

Featuring a taller pile height, our Augusta artificial grass range exudes remarkable realism, complete with brown curly thatching for added authenticity.

Augusta Artificial Lawn

Savannah Broad Leaf Range

Catering to those desiring broader blade grass, our premium Savannah Broad Leaf range closely mimics the appearance of native Australian grasses. It boasts the highest pile height and density within our synthetic lawn range.

Savannah Lawn

Multisport Range

Tailored for active families, the Multisport range is a versatile option suitable for various recreational activities, from mini golf to cricket. Its robust design withstands rigorous use, offering a consistent playing surface for both residential and commercial settings.

Multisport Artificial Grass

Pet and Child-Friendly Grass

All of our product options are specifically designed for homes with pets and children. The turf, made from non-toxic materials, is soft, safe, and durable, making it an ideal play area for pets and kids.

Installation Process Overview

The installation of synthetic grass is a meticulous process that requires expertise and precision. Consequently, our team of professionals ensures that every step of the installation is carried out to the highest standards, achieving a flawless and long-lasting finish.

1. Site Preparation: The first step involves clearing the area of existing grass or debris and levelling the ground to create a smooth surface.

2. Base Construction: A substrate compound is then levelled and compacted to provide a stable foundation for the synthetic grass.

3. Laying the Turf: The synthetic grass is rolled out and precisely cut to fit the area, ensuring a seamless look.

4. Securing and Finishing: The turf is securely anchored to the ground with nails and pins, and the seams are glued together. Finally, a layer of kiln-dried sand is applied to enhance stability, prevent wrinkles and folds, and give the grass a natural feel.

artificial lawn steps

Advantages of Choosing Australian Outdoor Living

Opting for synthetic grass from Australian Outdoor Living comes with a host of benefits. You receive a product that not only mimics natural grass realistically but also offers durability and low maintenance. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive warranty, ensuring peace of mind and satisfaction with your investment.


All In all, Synthetic grass represents a practical, beautiful, and sustainable alternative to natural lawns. With various types available, it’s versatile enough to suit a wide range of applications, from residential gardens to sports fields. By choosing Australian Outdoor Living, you’re selecting a company with a commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and environmental sustainability.

Whether transforming your backyard into a green oasis or seeking a durable surface for sports, synthetic grass offers a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution.

Australian Outdoor Living is passionate about helping people love their life outdoors. We offer a range of products, including:

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