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Add More Privacy in Your Backyard


If you’re looking for ways to increase privacy in your backyard, look no further. From planting trees and shrubs to installing a pergola, there are plenty of options for creating a more private outdoor space. With a little bit of planning, you can easily create the private retreat you’ve always wanted. Keep reading to discover creative ways to add more privacy in your backyard.

Privacy screens

If you want to increase privacy in your backyard without completely cutting yourself off from the outdoors, privacy screens are a great option. Screens provide privacy while still allowing light and breeze to come through, making them a suitable option for creating secluded spaces in your backyard. They are also a more flexible alternative if you don’t want to build a permanent fence or wall. Privacy screens come in a variety of materials and styles, so you can choose one that best fits your needs. These can be freestanding or attached to existing structures like fences or pergolas.

privacy screens for backyard

Vertical garden

Vertical gardens are an excellent way to increase privacy in your backyard. By planting tall, bushy plants in vertical planters or in a vertical line, you can create a natural barrier between your backyard and your neighbour’s. Vertical gardens also add a decorative touch to your outdoor space and can be used to grow a variety of different plants such as herbs to not only create a more intimate space but a practical one too.

Vertical garden for backyard privacy

When selecting plants for privacy, be sure to consider the mature height and spread of the plants. You’ll also want to make sure that the plants are appropriate for your climate and soil type. For added privacy and appeal, you can also install a trellis or lattice. These types of privacy screens can be positioned behind the tall plants and placed in the ground or in a planter box, to act as another layer of colour and style. You can also select climbing plants, such as jasmine or wisteria to grow up and over it. So, if you’re looking for a more natural and permanent solution, plant a vertical garden that will provide year-round privacy.

Lattice screens for backyard privacy

Greenery wall

A greenery wall is another great way to increase privacy in your backyard. They’re attractive, easy to make, and require very little maintenance. Greenery walls can be used to create zoning areas in your backyard or act as retaining wall, creating a private area for relaxing and entertaining away from your peering neighbours.

Greenery wall for backyard privacy

You can build a greenery wall yourself using lattice panels and potted plants. Simply place the panels against your fence or property line and train the plants to grow up and over the lattice. The best part about a greenery wall is that you can choose the plants you want to use. Make sure to choose plants that will do well in your climate and that won’t get too big. Some good choices include ivy, ferns, and impatiens.

Overhead roof structure

If you’re looking for something more permanent, a pergola is a great way to increase privacy in your backyard while still allowing light and air to stream through. Designed to give you much needed shade in your backyard, pergolas can be installed either free-standing or attached to your house. These structures can be covered with vines or climbing plants to provide additional privacy. Having a structure such as a pergola will create a secluded zone in your backyard, giving your outdoor space a more intimate feeling while the plants will keep the space feeling natural.

Pergola for backyard privacy

For a for something less fixed, consider installing a canopy. Like a pergola, canopies are intended to turn your patio or deck into a shaded and private space, creating a comfortable area when enjoying the outdoors. There are also many styles and colours to choose from so you can pick the right canopy to suit your needs and your home’s aesthetics.

Canopy for backyard privacy

Outdoor blinds

Keep your party invitation-only with outdoor blinds! Designed for patios and alfresco areas, outdoor blinds are a great addition if you’re wanting to increase privacy in your backyard, as well as enjoy protection from the inclement weather.

Outdoor blinds for backyard privacy

Shade blinds also come in different opacity levels, meaning the thicker the fabric, the less your neighbour’s will be able to see into your backyard. This way you can enjoy soaking in the views of your backyard, without having to worry about others seeing in. Outdoor blinds also come in a variety of styles and colours, so you can find the perfect option for your space.

Whether you opt for a temporary or permanent option, these ideas are perfect for creating a more intimate and private outdoor space. If you’re interested in installing a Pergola or Outdoor Blinds, we can help you. Simply fill out the free measure and quote form below to get your outdoor project started.

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