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5 Ways to Create a Cosy Autumn Backyard

Autumn is a magical season where the days get shorter, but the temperatures are still comfortable enough to enjoy the outdoors as the daylight subsides. From rustling colourful leaves falling from trees to the raw smell of burning wood in a firepit, autumn is a season for all things warm and cosy.

Instead of staying indoors as the weather starts to get cooler, here are some ways to create a cosy autumn backyard to help you make the most of the season.

Light it up

Add lights to your outdoor space to enhance your outdoor ambiance. This will instantly give your guests a feeling of warmth and comfort while you entertain into the late evening. Whether you want to achieve a grand or subtle look, there are many ways to create the perfect lighting setup for your outdoor space.

hanging string lights

Make your garden glow with string lights. You can wrap them around your trees, place them on your denser bushes or use them to create an effective border along your fence. The warm glow will create a striking focal point in your backyard where you’ll find yourself stargazing at the twinkling lights. You can also line your pathway with solar lights or rope lights to create an inviting and enchanting look.

Hanging globe lights

String lights can also brighten up your outdoor dining area. Weave them through your pergola or drape over your dining table or fit pit to create the perfect cosy area for hosting outdoor dinner parties. Additional pieces like candle centrepieces and lanterns will make your outdoor space feel extra cosy.

decorate table setting with lanterns

If you’re budget conscious, you can opt for solar lights or battery powered lights. These lower voltage lighting options require minimal power, and you don’t need to worry about outlets.

Firepit for warmth

Extend the season of outdoor dining with a firepit. With the cooler nights upon us, what better way to spend quality time with family or friends huddled around a firepit reminiscing on the good times. Not only do they bring much-needed warmth and cosiness when entertaining or relaxing, but they also make an eye-catching feature in your backyard.

outdoor firepit

With multiple designs choices, you can find a firepit to blend in seamlessly with your aesthetics. For instance, add some multi-coloured bricks to the borders or even paint the firepit in cool tones to contrast nicely against the greenery of your natural surrounds. If you don’t have the space or the budget for a firepit, opt for a fire bowl or an outdoor heater.

Furniture for comfort

Elevate your outdoor space with comfortable dining table or lounge sets. This will help create a cosy outdoor living area to host gatherings or to sit back and relax and enjoy the outdoors. When choosing outdoor furniture, consider durable materials like aluminium, timber, or wicker as they can withstand the harsh weather and they also suit any décor.

outdoor furniture

Autumn can be wet or dry so it’s important to keep your outdoor furniture protected against the rain, harsh UV rays and other bad weather conditions. If you don’t have any outdoor shelter, protect your patio tables and chairs with covers. This will prevent mildew, grime, or moisture from forming, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor furniture for many years to come.

Update your colour palette

Bring a seasonal touch to your patio or decking area. Small details can make a big impact to the overall look and feel of your outdoor space, ensuring you stick to a specific colour palette. Neutral, warm shades like cool grey and rusty brown work well to achieve autumn inspired outdoor dining area. Copper and brass also blend perfectly with autumn colours and adds a sense of warmth and comfort to your outdoor space. Additions like copper tableware or table centrepieces will add an elegant touch to your outdoor table setting.

autumn colour palette

Brighten up your deck or patio by adding a splash of colour for contrast. Accessorise with burnt orange or mustard yellow textured pillows and blankets so you can keep warm and cosy on those cooler evenings. This way, you’ll want to spend more time outdoors lounging on your deck or patio.

Create a sheltered area

Turn your nook into a year-round cosy area with added shelter. Whether it’s covering your patio or deck with a pergola or or freestanding pergola in your garden, creating a sheltered area will make your outdoor space more livable. This way you’ll be able to utilise your space in all seasons and enjoy spending more time outdoors entertaining or relaxing.

sheltered entertaining area

For added privacy and protection against the inclement weather, enclose your outdoor living area with outdoor blinds. Make sure they are made from quality fabric and offer UV and water protection. This way you don’t need to worry about your neighbours peering in your backyard or having to rush indoors when it gets too wet or windy.

Now you have some creative ideas, it’s time transform your backyard into a cosy autumn space so you can entertain and relax in comfort. If you’re thinking of installing a pergola or outdoor blinds, we can help you. Fill out the free measure and quote form at the top of this article.

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