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4 Ways to Create an Inviting Winter Backyard

As homeowners, we all want our backyards to be an inviting sanctuary – a place where we can relax and entertain guests. However, during the winter months, spending time in the backyard can be far less appealing. With colder temperatures and shorter days, it can be a struggle to make your outdoor living space feel warm and cosy.

Luckily, there are some simple ways you can turn your outdoor space into a comfortable and inviting retreat – even during the colder months. Read on to discover how.

1. Enclose your backyard

Create an outdoor room by enclosing your pergola, patio, or verandah with outdoor blinds. They significantly reduce the amount of wind and rain entering your outdoor area without the cost or hassle of installing a permanent wall.

SmartTrack Outdoor Blinds
Featuring our SmartTrack Power range, outdoor blinds are a great way to fight the cold this winter.

In addition to providing protection from the elements, outdoor blinds also help insulate your outdoor living area. Simply raise the blinds midway to allow for air flow or close entirely when using an outdoor heater to insulate your space and keep it warmer for longer.

Automatic Outdoor Blinds
Simply raise the blinds midway to allow for air flow

Made with thick, durable material, outdoor blinds can offer you added privacy, especially if you live in a busy area. This means you can entertain or relax in comfort without anyone peering into your backyard. There are a variety of different types of outdoor blinds available, so you can find the perfect style for your home.

2. Make your existing space cosier

Whether you are creating a space to relax in or to entertain guests, comfortable outdoor furniture is a great way to make your existing space feel more cosy.

Outdoor lounges are a great addition to any outdoor area. Available in a range of styles to suit your home, they create a comfortable place to enjoy your morning coffee or to read your favourite book.

Outdoor furniture

It’s also important to consider the size and layout of your outdoor furniture. If you have a small patio or deck, then choosing smaller, individual pieces such as armchairs or ottomans can be a great way to save space. However, if you have a large outdoor space, then opting for larger pieces such as dining tables paired with plush seating can help you make the most of your space.

Winter outdoor space
Add some woollen blankets or throws to make your space more inviting.

For extra warmth on those chilly evenings, add some woollen blankets or throws to make your space more inviting.

3. Outdoor heating options

Your outdoor area is an extension of your home and should be heated during winter as you would for any other room. With many different heating options available, it’s important to consider the size of your space, your preference of heating (gas or electric), and whether you’d like the flexibility to change the location of your heater.

Fire pit in backyard

Another way to bring much needed warmth to your backyard is to add a firepit. This is a great way to make your outdoor space more winter friendly. Not only will it provide heat, but it will also create a warm and inviting ambiance for you and your guests.

Whether you choose to install a fire pit or outdoor heater, you’ll be able to extend the amount of time you can spend in your backyard during the colder months.

4. Mud free, manicured lawn

Backyards often features overgrown grass or mud puddles the kids and pets love to spread through the house during the winter months. This can often mean homeowners avoid their backyards as it reminds them of work that needs to be done.

Child friendly artificial grass
Artificial grass allows kids and pets to play shortly after it rains.

Artificial grass is a great solution if this is a problem for you. Thanks to its effective drainage system, water runs off the surface efficiently rather than puddling on the lawn, allowing kids and pets to play shortly after it rains.

Pet friendly artificial grass

Artificial grass also requires less maintenance than real lawn. This means no mowing, edging, or fertilising, which is especially appealing during those colder, wet months in the year. For this reason, artificial grass is quickly becoming the preferred lawn option for many couples and families. Your backyard will always look well-manicured and inviting all year round.

Beat the cold this winter

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