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Your Guide to Hosting the Perfect Outdoor Christmas Party

Are you hosting a backyard Christmas get together this year? With the festive season truly underway, you may be feeling slightly overwhelmed with what seems like a never-ending to-do list. However, hosting is also a rewarding experience as it’s a time for gathering friends and family and creating long-lasting memories.

Once you’ve secured numbers and settled on a menu, the next step is to start decorating! Here is the perfect guide to help transform your outdoor space into a Christmas wonderland this holiday season.

Choose a colour scheme

One of the most exciting parts about Christmas décor planning is choosing your colour scheme. And there’s no limits! However, sticking to one colour scheme will help with choosing your Christmas decorations and other festive add-ons.

Whether you live in a sleek modern home or a traditional cottage style home, there’s a colour scheme to suit all. If you’re unsure where to start, a tip is to carry your indoor Christmas colour scheme outdoors to achieve a seamless flow. Otherwise, base your colour scheme around your existing interior.

When thinking about Christmas, traditional colour combinations like green, red, gold and silver instantly come to mind. If traditional isn’t really for you, contemporary combinations such as colourful pastels, fresh whites, monochromatic and neutral tones will also create an aesthetically pleasing colour scheme. There are infinite colour combinations you can opt for, while still creating a festive feel to your outdoor space. 

Want to achieve a modern style? Think neutral and minimalist tones. Decorations in shades of white, blush pinks, soft greys and blues, sage greens, and black will create a beautiful earthy colour combination of warm and cool tones.

Feeling more fun and playful? Pair bright colours like pink, blue, green, and purple mixed with gold and silver accents to achieve a more sophisticated and vibrant look. 

Christmas trees

Decorate your deck

Your deck is the perfect place to host your Christmas celebration, not just for entertaining but also for decorating. So now that you’ve selected your colour scheme, it’s time to decorate your deck to create a welcoming feeling for your friends and family.

Set up a Christmas tree

Take your living room outdoors by setting up a Christmas tree in the corner of your deck. Whether you have a small or large tree, it’s a great way to create a statement and welcome guests to your outdoor space. Decorate with minimal and sturdy ornaments to survive weather elements and remember to stick to your colour scheme. Complete your tree by laying presents underneath on the day, ready for your guests.

Don’t have room for a Christmas tree on your deck? Festive planters are a great alternative, adding greenery and festive feel without taking up too much space.

Christmas presents

Create a whimsical scene with outdoor lights

Create a comfortable and eye-catching night ambience with outdoor lights. Simple additions like fairy lights or LED lights can bring so much magic and joy to your backyard, especially heading into the evening. Plus, they’re low on energy consumption.

Hang string lights along your pergola or back fence; weave through your trees and bushes or add to your planter boxes to them glow. Another idea is to line your pathway with lights to create an attractive and inviting walkway from your backdoor to your garden.

If you’re feeling extra creative, take it a step further and make Christmas light balls. Not only do they look effective in your backyard but they’re also a great activity to get your family involved in. All you need is three materials; outdoor string lights, hex mesh, and cable tiers so you can hang them around your backyard. Otherwise, you place them sparingly on your grass area, which looks just as appealing.

Christmas light balls

Festive foliage

Bring a touch of nature to your outdoor space with luscious festive foliage. You may already have this element featured in some of your Christmas decorations, but if you can’t resist adding more, there are other ways to incorporate mixed evergreens to outdoor areas.

Hang a wreath on your backdoor to make a nice focal point, scatter beautiful natives like eucalyptus leaves along the table to add to the festive spirit.

Christmas wreaths

Another way to bring holiday spirit to your outdoor space is by draping your backdoor frame with a Christmas garland. Decorated with poinsettia, berries, mixed foliage and bauble decorations, a garland is great idea for large vertical space, and of course, makes a dramatic statement.

For a smaller backyard space, garlands can also be wrapped around structures such as railings or post columns and fences.

Set up a Christmas table

Living in a warmer climate gives us the luxury to host Christmas celebrations outdoors. After all, what better way to set the mood than by decorating your outdoor Christmas table.

Christmas design

Running with your colour scheme, the first step is to dress the table. A white tablecloth is a great base colour as it’ll just about go with any colour scheme and style.

Christmas table set up

Next, make your table look stylish with a table runner. This will help tie all the other pieces together. Depending on your style, fabric choices include silk, linen, cotton are popular choices for added elegance. For a more budget-friendly option and rustic feel, brown butcher’s paper and hessian fabric are excellent alternatives.

Layer your table with simple additions like matching placemats, crockery, cutlery, and glassware.

Finish your table with a statement centrepiece. For a simple and rustic style, add greenery with some pillar candles and baubles to add a pop of colour. Complete the set up by placing a native plant on top of the plates, which will blend nicely with your greenery.

Create useable zones

Creating ‘zones’ in your backyard is a great way to utilise your space and make the most of the summer bliss.

Kid’s play area

A designated play zone area for the kids is a perfect way to keep them entertained and enjoy the festivities. This will allow them to kick a ball or play cricket instead of sitting in front of the TV; all while parents can keep a close eye on them. If you have the space, you can also set up an extra table where they can play activities or make crafts.

Gift giving area

Another zone to consider is a gift giving area. Whether its on your deck or grass area, having a space for Santa to hand out presents will make the day extra special and memorable for the little ones. Change it up this year and introduce a fun gift exchange game. This involves everyone bringing a wrapped gift and receives a number in return. The person who first unwraps a gift, the next person can steal that gift or pick another, and so on. This is an exciting way to entertaining guests.

Christmas deck decorating

Additional seating

If you have a large guest list, the last thing you want is a cramped outdoor space. And, if your decking struggles to fit additional seating, try to utilise another unusable space in your backyard. Ensure the area is undercover or covered with an umbrella so your family and friends are protected from the elements. If you don’t have an extra table, place some blankets and pillows on the grass area for added comfort.

We hope this guide helps you host your outdoor Christmas celebration. From the entire team at Australian Outdoor Living, we wish you a Merry Christmas a happy and safe New Year.

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