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Which Pergola Design Suits Your Space? – Australian Outdoor Living

Which Pergola Design Suits Your Space? – Australian Outdoor Living

Pergolas are an excellent way to expand your outdoor living area, while adding protection from the weather elements. Whether you use it for your own private sanctuary or a place to host gatherings, adding an outdoor structure to your backyard will enhance your living space. This way you can spend quality time with your family and friends enjoying the open-air environment and creating wonderful memories.

But how to choose the pergola to best suit your space? Whether you have a traditional or contemporary style, a character home or a new build, there are a variety of materials and designs to choose from. No matter what your style, here’s a guide to help you choose the right pergola material and design to perfectly suit your outdoor space.

Pergola materials

Timber Pergola

Timber is a classic material used in pergola structures. The beauty and warmth of timber blends in nicely with your garden surrounds, giving your outdoor space a natural look and cosy feel. The versatility of timber allows it to perfectly complement modern or more traditional style homes. It also gives a luxurious and resort-like feel to any space, creating a relaxing ambience.

Steel Pergola

Steel is another popular material choice for pergola structures. It’s sleek, modern finish as well as its exceptional span capacity make the perfect bold statement. Due to its strength and durability, a steel pergola offers excellent weather protection properties making it an ideal choice for the harsh Australian climate.

Types of Pergola designs

Gable Pergola

Make a strong, bold statement in your backyard with a gable roof pergola. This popular design features a high-pitched roof with triangular shape at each end, allowing for more space and height under your roof. It also creates a light, airy and spacious atmosphere, giving your outdoor area a luxurious and open feel.

A gable pergola offers great protection from the weather elements. The pitched roof design allows rain to run straight off the roof, while providing a cool and light environment during the hot summer season with ample shade. Enhance the atmosphere by adding ceiling fans and lighting, providing a comfortable and peaceful environment for relaxing and entertaining.

gable pergola

So, if you live in an area that experiences harsh climate conditions or prefer a more traditional, architectural structure with added charm, a gable pergola design is a perfect choice.

Flat Pergola

Simple and minimalistic in design, a flat roof pergola is the type of structure that provides an elegant, modern look while creating a beautiful, functional outdoor area. Due to its simpler aesthetic design and timeless appeal, flat roof pergolas are more suited for contemporary style homes.

Unlike a sloped design pergola, a flat roof design doesn’t allow the rainwater to run off and stays warmer throughout summer. To combat this, you can install ceiling fans and line the structure with a timber ceiling to insulate the space against heat and enhance ventilation.

Given its simpler design, a flat roofed pergola is generally one of the more cost-effective pergola options.

Flyover Pergola

Flyover pergola structures are the perfect option if you want to create extra height and enjoy an increased sense of space in your outdoor area. With the additional height, the flyover design provides a beautiful open area to accommodate larger gatherings and allows for more light to enter your space.

Made to withstand the hot Australian summer, the flyover pergola offers greater ventilation compared with other pergola designs. This type of structure prevents hot air from being trapped and helps to keep your area cool. You can also install extras such as ceiling fans or heaters to create the right comfort setting for entertaining all year round.

Available in a wide variety of roofing options, the flyover structure is the versatile solution for any backyard space. Whether it’s attached to your home providing shelter for your deck or patio, or as a free-standing structure to cover your pool, a flyover pergola is a perfect option to enhance the look and feel of your outdoor space

Free-Standing Pergola

Escape from the hustle and bustle of your home with a free-standing pergola. This design is a great way to create a secluded, sheltered area in your backyard and adds beauty and charm to your outdoor space. If you want to create your own tranquil sanctuary in the natural surrounds of your backyard to unwind or enjoy the company of your family and friends, a free-standing pergola is the perfect choice.

free-standing pergola

Free-standing pergolas offers minimal limitations when it comes to height, size, and position. It can be designed to cover a small intimate setting area or to large enough to cover a swimming pool. The simple addition of a free-standing pergola can transform your backyard into luxurious retreat.


Be the envy of your neighbour by installing a gazebo in your backyard. This type of free-standing structure creates an inviting space from the moment you step into backyard, drawing attention to its elegant and unique design. Surrounded by beautiful greenery and flowers in your backyard, a gazebo makes for the perfect place to host intimate gatherings or to simply sit and reflect.


In addition to its architectural beauty, a gazebo also offers a level of weather protection. This means you can enjoy the open-air space on rainy and sunny days alike.

Pergolas are a great way to enhance your outdoor living space and provide protection from sun and rain. Aside from adding style to your backyard, pergolas act as functional structure to help you and your family enjoy quality time outdoors. If you’re ready to install your dream Pergola, let us help you by filling out the free measure and quote form at the top of this article.

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