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Which Artificial Grass is the best for you?

You’ve decided to opt for our realistic Artificial Grass for your backyard – now it’s time to choose which range is the most suitable for you. At Australian Outdoor Living, we offer four different types of Artificial Grass; whether you want something that’s family friendly, realistic and lush, or ideal for playing sport, there’s a type to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Here’s a guide to help you make the right choice when it comes to purchasing your Artificial Grass.

What to look for when choosing Artificial Grass

When choosing the right Artificial Grass for your backyard, it’s important to understand the following components:

Pile height

Pile height refers to the length of the grass, measured from the backing to the tip of the grass.

Pile height plays an important role when it comes to choosing the best Artificial Grass for you. Your choice will largely depend on its intended use; factors such as the application, level of foot traffic or aesthetics will need to be considered when making your final selection.

To achieve beautiful, realistic lawn, look for a longer pile height. Giving greater cushioning and a softer touch underfoot, your backyard will become the perfect area for relaxation and recreation. If your outdoor space experiences high foot traffic or if you have a young, active family, a shorter pile height is recommended.


Our Artificial Grass is designed with the thatching fibre tufted into the base. This helps the lawn to replicate both the springy and supportive characteristics of natural grass and ensures your Artificial Grass keeps its shape and tolerates heavy traffic, while always remaining soft and lush underfoot.


Substrate (otherwise known as sand infill) is the product which acts as a base for your artificial grass. When installed, the sand infill is fibrillated through the whole sub-surface area. The substrate used by Australian Outdoor Living comprises of crushed rock, giving it excellent drainage properties. This makes for a fantastic base for our Artificial Grass as it is easily spread to any given area, and yet compacts to a hard, firm base ensuring optimal durability. Extensively used in the building industry, crushed rock/dust provides a long-lasting base for your artificial grass.

Kiln Dried Sand

Kiln dried sand is a fine sand with a maximum granular diameter of 1mm. Kiln dried sand is an excellent choice for Artificial Grass as it is easily spread. This sand differs from other sand as it doesn’t contain any small rocks, providing a nicer feel underfoot, whilst also weighing down the lawn blades and helping them to stand upright.

Layered diagram showing our Artificial Grass components
Layered diagram showing our Artificial Grass components

Artificial Grass Options

The Fairway range

Designed to withstand frequent and heavy foot traffic, the Fairway range is an excellent option if your backyard is mainly used as a play area for children or pets. Unlike natural lawn, it will withstand activity from children and animals playing, walking, and running. Featuring a beautiful blend of emerald green and olive tones, this range offers a pile height of 20mm making it suitable for most landscape applications.

The Fairway range of Artificial Grass
Our Fairway range of Artificial Grass is an excellent option for children or pets play area

As well as boasting durability and longevity, the Fairway range comes with a 5-year warranty, giving you added peace of mind that you will be able to enjoy your artificial lawn for years to come. Your lawn will look lusciously green and realistic all year round thanks to its UV resistance, ensuring it won’t fade after a harsh summer season.

The Fairway range of Artificial Grass
Designed to withstand frequent and heavy foot traffic.

The Augusta range

Featuring brown curling thatching, our Augusta range is an impressively realistic looking artificial grass. With a taller pile height of 35mm making it soft to the touch, not only is it comfortable to walk on, but also creates a warm and inviting feeling when you step out to your backyard.

The Augusta range of Artificial Grass
The Augusta range of Artificial Grass

If you use your backyard for entertaining family and friends throughout the year, a softer, more realistic and durable option of artificial grass is the one for you. The Augusta range is the perfect choice, as it ticks all these boxes. Best of all, it’s also UV resistant and comes with a 7-year warranty.

The Augusta range of Artificial Grass
Impressively realistic looking artificial grass

The Savannah Broad Leaf range

Designed with a wider blade and a pile height of 37mm, the Savannah Broad Leaf range is our most luxurious range of Artificial Grass. Similar in appearance to many Australian grasses, with its olive-brown curly thatching, this range boasts the highest pile height and density within our range.

The Savannah Broad Leaf range of Artificial Grass
The Savannah Broad Leaf range of Artificial Grass is the ultimate choice for relaxing and entertaining

It’s the ultimate choice if you and your family spend a lot of time relaxing and entertaining in your backyard. Thanks to the longer blades featured, the Savannah range offers greater cushioning and flexibility underfoot, giving it a lush realistic feeling and making it incredibly soft to walk on. Like our other ranges, the Savannah Broad Leaf is UV resistant and comes with a 7-year warranty.

The Multisport range

As the name suggests, the Multisport range is designed for outdoor activities. Featuring the shortest pile height of our range at just 10mm, it is the ideal choice for active families.

Designed for high amounts of traffic, this range is great for cricket, lawn bowls, mini golf, and any other sport you can play in your backyard. The Multisport range creates the perfect surface to play on; the shorter pile height provides a flat, springy surface for you to achieve the best bounce, giving a realistic playing experience.

The Multisport range of Artificial Grass
The Multisport range of Artificial Grass is perfect for an active family.

So, if you have an active family and want to create an area in your backyard for your kids to play fun activities, our Multisport is the optimal choice. You can also enjoy a 7-warranty with this range.

If you know which Artificial Grass option is right for you and your family, fill out the free measure and quote form at the top of this page. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer any queries you might have.

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