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Sandbaggy 200-Pack 6 inch Landscape Staples – Great for Securing Landscape Fabric, Ground Cover or Drip Irrigation Tubing – Trusted by Farmers & Contractors Across USA


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Product Description


Sandbaggy 6-inch Landscape Staples

Are you sick of using those small 4 inch staples from Home Depot? Look no further. These 6-inch 11 gauge Sandbaggy Landscape Staples will help you secure your landscape fabric, erosion control fabric or dog fence into the ground! Get the job done once and for all!

Installation Tips

Depending on how hard your soil is, separate each sod staple between 1-5 ft. For extremely soft soil, separate each staple by 1 ft. For extremely hard soil, separate each staple by 5 ft.Hammer (or rubber mallet) & Gloves are required for landscape staples installation. To keep your hands clean, we highly recommend installing staples with glovesWe recommend using longer sod staples (such as this 12-inch sod staple) for extremely soft soil. Shorter staples, i.e. 6-inch, will work well with normal soil.

Q: What size landscape staples should I buy? A: Regarding the size of the landscape staple, the most common size is 6″ x 1″ x 6″. If your soil is not too compact and not too loose, this size will suit your needs. But if your soil is loose, it may be a good idea to purchase landscape staples that are either 9″ x 1″ x 9″ or 12″ x 1″ x 12″, which will ensure that the landscape staple does not move after installed into the ground.

A Note About Shipments: Due to the coronavirus, Amazon Prime has significantly delayed and reduced shipments for their standard Prime service. Therefore, in order to continue to serve customers dealing with flooding and erosion issues, we are fulfilling orders directly from our warehouse in California through the US Postal Service with their flat rate envelope system. Therefore, packaging will look different than the photos.

At this time, this is the most affordable and expedited shipping service we can use to continue to serve customers during these hard times. Thank you for your understanding.

Sandbaggy About Us



trusted by

trusted by



Our Mission

Started by two brothers out of a garage in California in 2010, Sandbaggy’s mission has always been to use the power of online retail to cut out the middleman and bring erosion control and landscaping products directly to the consumer.

We try harder for your business. We know our customers are the reason why we get to do what we love. As a Christian-run company, we honor the Lord in all we do by operating our company in a manner consistent with Biblical principles.

Sandbaggy Staples – Trusted By

For over the past decade, Sandbaggy has been honored to serve all kinds of customers; from government entities to farmers to individual homeowners. Some of those customers include the US Army, National Park Service (NPS), Forest Service and United Airlines.

From the smallest backyard projects to farms with hundreds of acres, customers have come to trust Sandbaggy’s staples to get the job done!

Buy from Sandbaggy – A Trusted American Brand

Our Focus on Service

Sandbaggy is committed to supporting those less fortunate both domestically and globally. One of those organizations is Rise+Shine. Rise+Shine provides basic needs and education for over 6,500 orphan children in India. A big focus of theirs is supporting girl’s education & female empowerment. By supporting girl’s education, this ends a cycle of poverty and allows communities to flourish in the future.

Thanks to customers like yourself, Sandbaggy is able to support these orphans and rewrite their futures.

25 million25 million

Over 25 Million Sandbaggy Landscape Staples installed across this country in the past decade

As the largest landscape staples distributor on the Internet, Sandbaggy has the knowledge and experience to help you get the toughest projects done! Don’t trust in any random seller – Trust in Sandbaggy!


Great for Securing Artificial Turf & Sod

Make your backyard the coolest hangout spot in town. Create your dream backyard & secure it with Sandbaggy Landscape Staples

Great For:

install landscape fabric

install landscape fabric

install bird netting

install bird netting

drip irrigation tubing

drip irrigation tubing

Secure wire

Secure wire

Secure Landscape Fabric

Any brand or any type, use Sandbaggy landscape staples to keep the fabric in place!

Secure Bird Netting

Keep your bird net secured to the ground with Sandbaggy Landscape Staples!

Secure Drip Irrigation

No more moving or shifting! Keep your drip irrigation system in place once and for all!

Secure Wire – such as Chicken Wire

Stop letting those critters eat up your hard work! Secure chicken wire down with staples!


Also Great for Securing Erosion Control Blankets

Whether you need to secure jute matting, straw matting or coconut matting, use Sandbaggy Staples to keep the matting in place.

SEEN EVERYWHERE ACROSS AMERICA – Whether on a job site, national park or airport across this country, Sandbaggy landscape staples are found securing landscape fabric & irrigation piping
TRUSTED BY many government agencies, landscapers/contractors and nonprofits including the National Park Service and Forest Service
#1 BEST SELLING LANDSCAPE STAPLES – Over 25 Million Sandbaggy landscape staples installed across this country in the past decade
CUSTOMERS LOVE THEM – “Can’t landscape without them” says Lawrence S. “Thick heavy-duty staples stand up to the toughest jobs” says Michael S. “These are the best landscape staples I’ve found anywhere” says Granuaile
PACK of 200 Landscape Staples – Neatly sub-packaged 100 staples/bag for ease of use. Please note that packaging may look different than photos as part of our strategy to reduce packaging waste  

Sandbaggy 200-Pack 6 inch Landscape Staples – Great for Securing Landscape Fabric, Ground Cover or Drip Irrigation Tubing – Trusted by Farmers & Contractors Across USA
Sandbaggy 200-Pack 6 inch Landscape Staples – Great for Securing Landscape Fabric, Ground Cover or Drip Irrigation Tubing – Trusted by Farmers & Contractors Across USA


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