Chic Fireplaces- Concord Yellow Table Top Ventless Bio Ethanol Fireplace Indoor/Outdoor


SLEEK MODERN TABLETOP FIREPLACE- This tabletop fireplace features an elegant and stylish design that will add luxury and comfort to your home. With high gloss black color, it finishes the overall room look and provides stylistic appeal for additional decoration. It is also highly portable that you can move it around to give warmth both indoors and outdoors.
EFFICIENT SOURCE OF SUPPLEMENTARY HEAT – The benefits of the bio-ethanol fireplace are countless.The flame burns scentless no soot, ashes or smoke; creating a nice and warm ambiance for your family or guest. The adjustable fire produces the right amount of heat to warm the people inside the room, which will keep you cozy and comfortable with its excellent heating capacity and genuine flames.
USES ECO-FRIENDLY BIO-ETHANOL FUEL – NO Woods, NO Gas and NO Paper for lighting, this eco-friendly furnace takes your experience to the next level, uses bio-ethanol, an alcohol-based fuel that creates a real flame with no smoke, ashes or harmful chemicals when burning. Non-toxic and guaranteed safe for your health with no carbon emissions.

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