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Jimmy & Tam – Our Brand Ambassadors

Jimmy & Tam – Our Brand Ambassadors

We are pleased to introduce our Outdoor Kitchens and Artificial Lawn Brand Ambassadors, Jimmy and Tam, winners of The Block 2020. Our collaboration with them has been an exciting journey, as we had the privilege of contributing to the creation of their stunning outdoor space. Continue reading to discover how our Brand Ambassadorship unfolded and how we helped to bring their backyard dreams to life.

Jimmy & Tam – Winners of The Block 2020

Jimmy and Tam rose to fame as winners of the well-known Australian reality TV show, The Block, in 2020. Moving from Brisbane to Noosa, the talented pair captivated the hearts of viewers with their remarkable design skills and impeccable sense of style.

Throughout the competition, Jimmy and Tam consistently showcased their solid dedication and creative flair. Their designs harmoniously blend architectural influences with contemporary elements, creating visually stunning and highly functional spaces. In addition, their ability to infuse warmth and personality into their designs set them apart from their competitors.

With their passion, expertise, and creative flair, Jimmy and Tam continue to inspire and delight audiences with their exceptional design projects showcased on social media. After all, Jimmy and Tam’s journey from The Block winners to design influencers is a testament to their outstanding talent and eye for design.

The story behind our Brand Ambassadorship

Jimmy and Tam embarked on their backyard renovation journey right after purchasing their property in 2020. They were attracted by the untapped potential and unique features of the house, leading them to personalise it to their own style and preferences. Their commitment to creating a comfortable haven for their family and an inviting space for entertaining guests was unwavering, investing considerable time and effort into their backyard project.

After the installation of their shed, pool, and deck, Jimmy and Tam recognised the need for an Outdoor Kitchen and Artificial Lawn to complete their outdoor space. They turned to us for our expertise in outdoor home improvements, to help make their vision a reality. It was through this collaboration that we formed a special Brand Ambassadorship with Jimmy and Tam, joining forces to help transform their backyard into a true masterpiece.

“We are so excited to be Australian Outdoor Living, Artificial Grass and Outdoor Kitchen Ambassadors. It’s awesome.” – Tam

Jimmy and Tam - our Outdoor Kitchen and Artificial Brand Ambassadors

From the very beginning of the project, it was important for our team to work closely with Jimmy and Tam, to ensure that their vision was at the forefront throughout the entire process. After carefully assessing colour and material samples, they opted for a sleek and minimalist Outdoor Kitchen design that seamlessly blends with their beautiful feature wall and the entire space.

Jimmy and Tam exploring Outdoor Kitchen samples

To enhance their vision, we also installed Artificial Lawn that flawlessly aligns with their funky landscaping feature and overall aesthetic. By considering every aspect, we created an outdoor space that truly reflects Jimmy and Tam’s unique style, drawing inspiration to mid-century modern design.

“It’s something that we knew we had to have in this build. I mean the outdoor kitchen 100%, but then as the renovation went along, we really wanted Artificial Lawn. So becoming the Ambassadors for Australia Outdoor Living was something that we are really pumped for.” – Jimmy

Jimmy and Tam enjoying their Artificial Lawn

Outdoor Kitchen

Jimmy and Tam’s Outdoor Kitchen is certainly the centerpiece of their outdoor sanctuary, seamlessly blending modern functionality with their mid-century modern design elements. The Kitchen not only catches the eye, but also provides Jimmy and Tam with the perfect space for entertaining and enjoying outdoor culinary experiences with family and friends.

“It had to be a big space because the living and dining kitchen area internally to the house is not large. We knew we wanted to open up through these massive bifold doors out onto an entertaining area that we could accommodate a lot of people. So we knew we wanted a big dining table out there, a nice big kitchen that we could really gather as many people as possible around.” – Jimmy

Jimmy and Tam entertaining outdoors

The design process

The chosen design for the Outdoor Kitchen features white cabinetry with ample storage space and creates a clean and fresh look. The colour also contrasts beautifully with the dark ‘Catalina Marble’ benchtop. In fact, the durable cabinetry and benchtop are scratch, stain and weather resistant, offering a sophisticated appearance.

“So we chose the colour scheme for our Kitchen because we knew that we wanted that whole wall to be a big feature. As soon as you walk in that front door, it’s the first thing you can see at the back of the space. So we wanted it to be really eye catching, but we wanted the kitchen to blend in seamlessly because we knew we were going to have a feature wall behind it.” – Jimmy

Jimmy and Tam's Outdoor Kitchen

Added features to suit their cooking style

To improve the functionality of their dream Outdoor Kitchen, Jimmy and Tam added features to perfectly suit their cooking style. Their Kitchen boasts a versatile cooking experience with a stainless-steel combined grill and hotplate. Plus, the inclusion of a roast vegetable basket and a stainless-steel roasting hood further expands their cooking flexibility and flavour possibilities. In addition, the roasting hood serves a dual purpose by controlling and eliminating cooking odours and smoke, ensuring a pleasant cooking experience while maintaining a comfortable outdoor environment.

“The reason I chose the roasting hood is I just had this picture in my head of a range hood and then the big silver roasting hood is just how I pictured it. So that’s the road we wanted to go down. And I mean, it’s practical as well. I mean, because we do love the Sunday roast too. So the size of that barbecue, we can actually fit three roasting dishes in there perfectly and it cooks them through perfectly.” – Jimmy

Fully equipped Kitchen for convenience

In addition to the cooking features, their Outdoor Kitchen includes a bar fridge for storing beverages, ensuring they are readily available during outdoor gatherings and cooking sessions. The design also includes a sink for convenient food preparation and cleanup. The sink allows Jimmy and Tam easy access to water for cooking, washing dishes, and maintaining cleanliness while cooking outdoors.

“But it’s that easy to clean. Our daughter Frankie actually enjoys cleaning it because we all know what kids are like. As soon as it gets a little bit tough they throw their hands in the air, well I’m a bit like that, too. But she loves it as well. It’s easy.” – Jimmy

Overall, the chosen design successfully combines aesthetic appeal with practicality, resulting in an Outdoor Kitchen that is visually appealing and highly functional for cooking and entertaining purposes.

The ultimate entertainer

Artificial Lawn

We completed Jimmy and Tam’s backyard by installing our ‘Savannah’ Artificial Lawn. Designed to emulate the lushness and beauty of natural grass, this type of Lawn boasts a higher pile height and wider blades. The result is a stunning, a low-maintenance solution that maintains its vibrant green hue throughout the year to perfectly suit their lifestyle.

Lush green space all year round

Due to its soft cushioning underfoot, our ‘Savannah’ Artificial Lawn not only adds visual appeal to the space but also creates a serene area for relaxation and leisure. It becomes an ideal space for their daughter Frankie to play and enjoy quality time with their two beloved dogs. With its realistic appearance and durability, the ‘Savannah’ Artificial Lawn ensures a welcoming and enjoyable outdoor environment for the entire family to utilise.

“Frankie absolutely loves the Artificial Grass. There’s not a day that goes by that she’s not doing cartwheels and handstands up and down the grass with her friends. They do little dance parties and all that sort of stuff. The dogs love it. They scratch their back on it. So it’s massively changed how we live and use that space. Huge.” – Tam

Low-maintenance lifestyle

Jimmy and Tam were also seeking a hassle-free yard that would uphold its impeccable appearance throughout the year. Unlike natural grass that requires regular mowing, watering, and fertilising to stay lush and green, Artificial Lawn offers a low hassle alternative. It remains beautifully manicured and vibrant without the need for regular upkeep, allowing Jimmy and Tam to enjoy a stunning outdoor space with minimal effort.

Allergy-friendly environment

Another drawcard for Jimmy and Tam was its allergy-friendly nature. Artificial Lawn provides relief from pollen and common allergens, creating a comfortable outdoor space. Moreover, it also features an excellent drainage system, preventing muddy patches and soil erosion, even after heavy rainfall. It offers both practicality and beauty for a hassle-free and enjoyable outdoor experience.

“The benefits of having artificial lawn where we have chosen to have it is obviously there’s no maintenance involved. That’s got to be the biggest one. But also there’s no mud. So the dogs aren’t traipsing mud through the house, or, grass clippings everywhere, which is one of the best things definitely, for having artificial grass. But also, there’s no allergies as well. So that’s another bonus.” – Tam

No more patchy grass

Jimmy and Tam were driven by another compelling factor that influenced their decision to choose our ‘Savannah’ Artificial Lawn. They had a specific area in their yard that received very little to no sunlight, making it nearly impossible for natural grass to grow there. Artificial lawn was the perfect solution to transform that shaded area into a vibrant and visually appealing space.

“So there’s actually a couple of reasons we wanted artificial lawn in the backyard. So there’s an area of that section that literally doesn’t see Sun. Growing grass was nearly impossible. The other reason for it, was that we wanted it to be low maintenance. We wanted it to look good all year round.” – Jimmy

By installing our Artificial Lawn, Jimmy and Tam have not only added a touch of greenery to their outdoor haven, but have also unlocked a multitude of benefits that enhance their overall outdoor experience.

Our collaboration with Jimmy and Tam resulted in an outdoor space that effortlessly blends style and functionality. Our commitment to providing high-quality products and exceptional service ensured that Jimmy and Tam’s outdoor area perfectly complemented their mid-century modern home style, bringing their backyard dreams to life.

Lush green Artificial Lawn all year round

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