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Achieve the style | Modern Coastal

Achieve the style | Modern Coastal

Inspired by the coastal colour palette of greys, whites and blues, Modern Coastal combines all the elements we love about seaside living while keeping the overall look sleek, functional and refined. Featuring natural textures and touches of greenery, this theme is a great option for those that want their space to feel open, airy and relaxed. Its also popular due to its flexibility.

You can achieve the Modern Coastal look in your home with a few statement selections and design touches. Learn how to make this backyard dream a reality with our guide below, featuring product selections, colour choices and designer recommendations.

Case Study

We recently had the opportunity to make over the backyard of a very deserving family as part of our debut on Network 10’s The Living Room. Homeowners Josh and Caylie had just welcomed a new baby boy and had big plans to create a beautiful outdoor space that could be a sanctuary for their young family. However, when they found themselves out of time and funds, together with the team at The Living Room we stepped in.

It was important that the style of the outdoor living space complements the existing features and design elements of the home, making for a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. Their home already had an existing colour scheme of neutral creams, whites and greys with a weatherboard cladding exterior, lending itself to fit the Modern Coastal brief perfectly for their backyard space.


Bringing natural textures into your backyard is essential to the Modern Coastal theme, evoking the relaxed, easy feeling the space is designed to create. Consider adding a natural texture to your backyard space with timber decking. Having an element such as timber decking featured in your backyard design helps to create a warmth in the space, while providing a low maintenance flooring solution.

For Josh and Caylie, we selected composite decking. While it looks just like the real thing, it requires no maintenance and does not splinter, making it a child-friendly option. The shade ‘Antique’ was chosen to fit the Modern Coastal theme; with its grey tone it has a naturally aged look, giving the space a rustic and effortless feeling.

STYLING TIP: White-washed, blonde or ashy-toned wood is ideal for highlighting the light, natural colours found in a Modern Coastal design.

Colour Palette

Australian Outdoor Living designer, Kate Hortelano, notes how important it is to consider the pre-existing colour palette of a home, stating, “if you want to ensure a seamless transition from inside the home to outside, looking at your existing colours and textures is a must.”

Colour can be incorporated in a number of elements in your backyard design, from larger statement items such as your pergola and outdoor blinds all the way down to final touches such as throw cushions and artwork. Choosing a specific colour palette gives the opportunity to define the style and theme you wish to create in your backyard space.

When looking at Josh and Caylie’s backyard, creating the Modern Coastal palette was done with the colour choices made for the pergola, blind frame, the blinds themselves and the steps of the deck.

White is a prominent colour in the Modern Coastal palette, as it gives a neutral and crisp finish. We featured white along the posts and ceiling, as well as the blind frame and steps of the deck. Lighter colours help to make the space feel open, airy and relaxed, while adding a touch of luxury.

STYLING TIP: Creating contrast in your backyard design will give a space more depth and dimension.

Darker blinds, in the shade ‘Stone’ were chosen to contrast the light blind frame and complement the existing gutters on the home. The darker colour also helped to break up the space and ensure it didn’t feel clinical and stark.

Add a touch of green

Ensuring you allow for a hint of natural greenery in your backyard design will perfectly set off the neutral tones used throughout the Modern Coastal colour palette. This can be achieved with the inclusion of planter boxes, incorporating greenery as part of your design and creating a more permanent fixture than simply adding potted plants to the outdoor living area. Plus are lower maintenance and mess with watering.

Incorporating natural greenery to Josh and Caylie’s backyard was essential to set the Modern Coastal theme and really make it feel as though they were in their own piece of coastal haven. The planter area features a large Birds of Paradise, creating a beautiful focal point in the space.

Get the look

If you love this style and want to achieve the look for yourself, you’ll find all the products we used to give Josh and Caylie the Modern Coastal backyard of their dreams below:

  • Composite Decking in the shade ‘Antique’
  • Ribbed Roof Pergola
  • SmartTrack blinds | Bella Vista fabric in the shade ‘Stone’ | Blind Frame in the shade ‘Bianco’
  • Cladding | Pipe Clay
  • Posts and Ceiling in the shade ‘Freycinet’

Australian Outdoor Living is passionate about helping people love their life outdoors. We offer a range of products, including:

Have you been thinking about renovating your home? Start the journey to your dream backyard by filling out the free measure and quote form at the top of this article. A member of our dedicated sales team will be in touch.

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